Cosmopathic Success Seminar

3-Day Weekend

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Success! When you know, and most don’t, you have a definite edge!

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We all want to be one-up on our life (make it really meaningful.) With knowledge not common to the herd you can do just that. Which of the two main facets of life do you want to tackle first? Health or Wealth? (Both serve personal freedom.)

  • Basics of Attracting Wealth (Never taught to the public!)
  • Why some Attract Wealth & most don’t
  • Control your Luck — it’s programmable
  • Cos-mo-path-ic — open to access knowledge not common to the herd.
    (Note: Wealth and its freedoms are Spiritual)

Taught by the authors of the book “How to Attract Wealth” Taylore¬† and Roi, also founders of Cosmic Energetic Healing

Health, Wealth, love and freedom from worry! Join the elite few who know they are in charge of their own lives.
Do you know of someone who’s incredibly “lucky” in everything they do? They probably don’t even know why themselves! They may not know there are little known natural laws at work. These immutable laws can bring you great success, or on the other hand — great failure. It depends on how you use these laws. These natural (spiritual) laws are in full operation 24/7 whether you consciously work with them or not. For instance, they take your self-talk, etc., as their orders for what you want out of life. Is it any wonder that most life results are haphazard at best? Knowing that they exist and how these laws work can put you one-up on most everyone else on the planet. This hidden information has not been taught in nearly a century! We’ve been researching and testing these well-hidden rules of life since 1980.

We’ve incorporated these seldom taught laws into a comprehensive weekend seminar/retreat where you’ll practice using them. They are just as sure and certain as the law of gravity. You can attract “good luck” in all areas of your life. Learn how to talk to your subconscious mind — the power house of manifestation — in such a way to reprogram the negative into positive.

Would you like to be taught how these laws work? Learn how to use them knowingly rather than just letting them run on a hit or miss basis. Imagine the difference! You’ll be using this ancient wisdom to secure the health, success and freedom from worry you’re entitled to.

How Energy Can Work to Bring You into vibrational frequency with All that You Desire:
Why do some people always seem to be in the right place at the right time while others seem to just miss the good breaks by a hair? Others seem to even attract trouble and bad luck. Do you believe in luck? Or do you think that maybe invisible forces are affecting our lives at various levels? Do you think you have any conscious control over these forces? Would you like to learn the secrets to abundance and healing? You can learn how to remove the negative mind programs that cause you to attract negative aspects to your life. Once you remove the negative attraction you can then attract the life style, the loving relationship, the abundant health and the prosperity you’ve always desired.

Three well known activities are said to help align your energy toward your goal:

1) making lists (using gratitude)

2) repeating positive thoughts (using one word — this will be explained)

3) making affirmations with feelings

The positive reinforcements (activities 2 & 3 above) have not brought the desired results. Why? There is another big piece of the prosperity puzzle that has been recently re-discovered and is taught in these Cosmopathic Success Seminars. You have to get rid of the negative before you can embrace the positive. You will learn an easy way to un-install the negative mind programs that are keeping you from realizing the life you’ve always wanted. The negative programs need to be deleted before making your affirmations. This is very important!

No matter what your profession there are chances that tiny energy blockages (negative mind programs) have diverted your energy and interfered with your performance to some degree in almost all endeavors you do each day. Once in a while everything seems to “click” and your projects (your life’s desires) come together as if the way was paved. But how often does this happen? Would you like to have this happen more often? How would you like to have even more ease and the feeling of well-being? With directions it can flow into your life no matter what the circumstances or profession. Is that good or good?

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