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Reiki Level 1, 2 & 3 – Certification training is taught by Usui Reiki Masters as well as Unlimited Reiki Masters.

Reiki I

Reiki II

Reiki III

We are now teaching the Reiki Master weekend as a 2-Day weekend Special and it is held at our Reiki Ranch just about 10 minutes from Chehalis, Washington.

The special Package Price for all three classes is only $200 and is recommended that you take all three together because the classes build on each other. If you are already a Reiki I & II you are encouraged to take the full two days to become a master. if you want a wonderful experience you might consider becoming a teacher of Reiki. Many student come back and take the weekend class over and over — just for the fun and healing experience.

Reiki I, II & III Manuals $15 each

Reiki I, II & III

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Lead by Spirit
Spirit told us to offer Reiki I, II & III classes at a very inexpensive price (almost free) so that more people could learn these wonderful techniques. By attending this workshop package your connection to Source Energy will be increased several fold. This will enable you to flow so much more of the universal healing energy. It will also help others around you when you are Reiki. You could be standing in a line at the supermarket and the Reiki energy will be busy uplifting those around you.

Please bring a friend or family member so you’ll have someone near you for practicing. You can grow together. You are welcome to share this information with anyone who could benefit. Make copies of this class schedule and articles to pass out to your friends, family and even place them on bulletin boards. There are 1000’s of people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, pain, etc., who can be helped by learning these simple natural healing techniques and become whole again.

You are not using your own energy to heal others
You will never use any of your own energy to heal once you are properly trained to heal with Reiki energy. You always feel refreshed because your body receives the excess as it flows through you. Other people’s problems don’t stick to you. They are just flushed away. The more you heal the better you feel. It is your natural heritage to become a healer. We all can do this.

Only a Reiki Master may pass the attunements
Reiki is transferred to students by a Reiki Master/Teacher through a series of attunements. During the attunement process, a series of sacred healing symbols (drawings) are sealed into your energy field, you are given an angelic guide to assist you in flowing the higher vibrations of energy. The attunement process opens you up permanently to the Reiki energy so that you can give Reiki treatments to yourself and others. You become an open channel for the Reiki energy to flow. The energy gently and constantly circulates in your body filling your heart area first and flows out from that point on through your hands. When you place your hands on an object, whether it is a person, a pet, your plants, your food, or a crystal, the healing Reiki energy flows into that object as well. You can also flow Reiki into the food you eat by blessing it thereby raising its frequency.

Reiki has been traditionally taught in three degrees or levels, and there is a specific attunement for each degree of training which is passed down from Master to student.

Reiki I — First degree Reiki is primarily a physical and etheric healing energy. It has a tremendous ability to balance and harmonize the chakras, remove negative energy from a person’s auric field, relieve stress, and heal the body of dis-eases in general

Reiki II — Second degree Reiki energy adds healing on the mental and emotional levels. The first degree energy is enhanced and amplified greatly, and the student is taught how to send the healing energy over long distances and to other points in time. The student learns techniques for using the Reiki symbols to cleanse and protect the aura. The symbols can be used to remove bad energy from your home or office. Other advanced techniques are used to facilitate deep emotional healing, which is often the true cause of disease.

Reiki III –Third degree Reiki energy is very spiritual in nature and deals with self-empowerment. The Master/Practitioner level III amplifies both the first and second degree energy to its highest levels. It integrates one’s being and initiates Higher Self contact. Masters can teach others and give Reiki I, II or III attunements.

Everyone young and old can do this! Children are a natural at flowing this energy. You can feel it flow out of their eyes and faces until about 3-4 years old when they begin to shut down. We are all hard-wired to flow this healing energy. The Reiki Attunement just opens the channels even more allowing an increase in energy flow. It is your God given ability to flow Reiki.

Sign Up Now for these 3 Levels of Traditional Usui Reiki I, II & III Classes.
They will fill up quickly due to such a small investment. Make your reservations today. You will be Certified to teach Reiki I, II & III. For the first 3 levels of Reiki we recommend you read the No. 1 Healing School’s three Manuals — Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III. Also another very good book is “Essential Reiki” by Diane Stein. You may purchase the No.1 Healing School’s three Reiki Manuals and/or Essential Reiki from the School. There is much ground to cover. So be ready for quite a packed weekend with much to learn and digest.

After taking the Reiki III — Master workshop, you will be Certified to teach Reiki 1, 2 & 3. We recommend that you attend the Traditional Reiki Levels 1-3 at least twice before you try to teach Reiki yourself. That way you will feel more confident and do a better job for your students. You may use the No. 1 Healing School’s Manuals to teach Reiki I, II & III Usui Reiki and/or Unlimited Reiki.

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