How does Laser Reiki differ from Traditional Reiki?

Traditional Reiki is the universal life force energy that flows out the hands of a practitioner.

  1. First Laser Reiki is much faster: you can heal 10x more people in the same time!
  2. You can quickly find the root cause of the problem without hypnotism and clear the energy blockage with Laser Reiki.
  3. Regular Reiki flows out of the hands as an even field of healing energy similar to someone sprinkling the lawn with a spray of water. The energy is applied to the entire body and also on the location of the pain. In Laser Reiki you apply a beam of concentrated energy medicine exactly where the body needs it!
  4. Traditional Reiki is the application of energy to mass (Reiki energy to physical body — mass.)
  5. There are three degrees to learning traditional Reiki: Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III, which is the Reiki Master, level. These are taught here at the Reiki Ranch school for very reasonable prices.
  6. Traditional Reiki is considered 4th-5th dimensional energy depending on the ability of the person teaching or using it.
  7. It may take 3 months or more of traditional Reiki treatments to heal the symptoms of asthma.

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Laser Reiki is the same loving energy, but it comes as a much higher frequency (from 6th dimensional energy and higher) and it requires a precise spot, but easily determined for its application.

  1. In Laser Reiki the energy medicine flows out the fingertips like a laser beam — hence the name. We do not need to use any mechanical device to flow Laser Reiki.
  2. It heals the energy body.(Laser Reiki is using energy to energy.) It is the most efficient use of Reiki. The energy body is first corrected by the Laser Reiki Master for specific energy blockages, next the flow of energy drops into into the physical body where pain is instantly released.  This is how instant healings can happen! With Laser Reiki the energetic medicine keeps coming in for 3 days. (That is because it is so strong it needs to take time to make the physical changes so the client won’t get sick.)
  3. Laser Reiki energy is applied to the center line of the body —  the vertical mid-line. Laser Reiki is not usually applied to the area of the pain, but to the area that controls the pain. It will, many times instantly, remove the pain from the body. Those who feel energy will know big changes have happened to their body.  Most people have an uplifting feeling and some will even feel spacey after a treatment.
  4. After an attunement to Laser Reiki, the practitioners will be able to flow at least 6th dimensional healing energy and even much higher, as they become more clear themselves.
  5. There are 10 levels of Reiki training at the Reiki Ranch. Levels 1-4 of  Basic Laser Reiki  is the beginning and all of its practical training is concentrated on Level 4 where Instant pain Release is taught. Anyone may take this training from the novice to the experienced practitioner.
  6.  Laser Reiki Level 5 — is called Cosmic Energetic Healing.
  7. You learn to find the root cause of the dis-ease. It is usually an unresolved emotional issue called an energy blockage / negative energy. Energy blockages can be found at the mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, psychic, genetic or other levels including the past, present, future, parallel and other dimensional lives. It could bleed over from another “you” from your soul group or Your Circle of Being (other versions of you in the past, present or future).
  8. The subconscious mind is used in LR to find the exact location of the energy blockages. Your Subconscious Mind keeps all your aches and pains in the correct location until released. The subconscious mind is very powerful, plus it has a wealth of information about your body – past, present and future. It operates in all levels of energy and consciousness. You learn how to instantly access its records without any long drawn out process such used as in regressive hypnosis.
  9. The practitioners of Laser Reiki are always clearing energy blockages, hidden beliefs, dogmas, etc., in themselves so they can be a clear and pure channel to flow the higher levels of this healing energy.
  10. Laser Reiki cuts the healing time because it releases the root cause of the underlying emotional problem or negative energy. In only one session the client will notice a measurable improvement in the illness. Compare this to 30 to 40 treatments using traditional Reiki to achieve the same results or the MD’s who only treat the symptoms with drugs.




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